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Sunoco EVO10 Unleaded Powering Winning Consistency

Sunoco EVO10 Unleaded Powering Winning Consistency

The new EVO 10 unleaded racing fuel is powering winning consistency for Australian racers, from the start of the season.

The Quintieri Family Motorsports Chevrolet Corvette, driven by former owner and 2x National Top Sportsman Champion, Jason Stares, opened the 400 Thunder/IHRA Australia Sportsman Championship by overcoming a tuff field of 12 other Top Sportsman competitors, to take home a Gold Christmas Tree, in the heat and humidity of Cairns, Springmount Raceway.

“With the Australian Federal Govt’s ban on Leaded Racing Fuels coming in before the start of the new season, we were worried about how the SPE632 was going to perform on the new unleaded fuel.  With no engine dyno’s or chassis/hub dyno’s capable of holding the car in close proximity, our first chance to test the new fuel, was the first qualifier on Friday night.” Team owner, Elio Quintieri explained.

Running a string of consistent 7.33 second et’s & 188 mph passes, which are both Quicker & Faster than the car’s previous PB’s for the track, show the new unleaded fuel is making more power than the previous leaded fuel and the feedback is, the car starts and idles better now as well.

With the next round of the 400 Thunder sportsman series at Queensland’s Willowbank Raceway in four weeks, team driver Jason Stares is planning on securing a points lead early in the season.

Sunoco EVO10 was designed from the ground up and blended in Sunoco Racing’s own Marcus Hook facility under the guidance of the biggest names in Australian, USA and European naturally aspirated drag racing.

With its motor Octane of 100 and 10% oxygen by weight, Sunoco EVO 10 Unleaded is the highest octane and highest oxygenated unleaded on the market today.