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Octane Stability: High Octane vs Low Octane Fuels

Octane is the most talked about property when it comes to gasoline. It’s no surprise because selecting octane of gasoline is the only choice the consumer has, except what station to buy it from. In this article we will focus on octane stability of 87 and 93 octane pump fuels versus racing fuels...

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Mixing Fuels and Calculating Octane

We often get these two questions: Can I mix fuels? What is the octane when I mix them? The answer to #1 is easy. Yes, you can mix any of our race fuels. But remember – if your engine needs an unleaded fuel, you don’t want to mix leaded with unleaded. Doing so would make a leaded...

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Race Fuel 101: Lead and Leaded Racing Fuels

It’s been almost 40 years since lead was phased out of pump fuels. Today, there are an increasing number of racers who never bought a drop of leaded gasoline for the family sedan back in the day. Understandably, we get a fair amount of questions about lead and why it’s used in some racing...

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Specific Gravity – What Is It And Why Does It Matter?

Specific Gravity Definition: specific gravity (noun) - the ratio of the density of any substance to the density of some other substance taken as standard, water being the standard for liquids and solids, and hydrogen or air being the standard for gases. For fuels, specific gravity can be...

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Fuel Metering Basics for Oxygenated Fuels

We get a lot of questions about fuel metering changes required for oxygenated fuels... and that is a good thing, because racers should be asking those questions. Luckily, the answer is not necessarily complicated. Let’s look at Sunoco EXO2 for instance. It’s a good fuel to use as an...

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