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Buying and Storing Race Fuel

From the editors of
Grassroots Motorsports


Gas stations can be found on nearly every major intersection. Finding one that sells race fuel, though, can be a little tougher. Fortunately, it’s not like looking for the Lost City of Atlantis.

In addition to 54-gallon drums and even larger quantities, race fuels are usually also available in 5-gallon pails–and it’s these smaller containers that open up the distribution network, eliminating the pumps and infrastructure usually associated with gas stations.

Finding Fuel: We just checked Sunoco Race Fuels’ website for the greater Daytona Beach area–home base for Grassroots Motorsports–and were rewarded with a long list of retail outlets. The closest to us is Daytona International Speedway–not a surprise since Sunoco is the official fuel of NASCAR. Next on the list is our local speed shop. Then it’s a mix of fuel distributors, motorcycle shops, racetracks, traditional gas stations and other businesses that serve the hobby–an alignment shop, for example, popped up in our results.

Shipping Fuel: Some companies and retailers will also ship those 5-gallon pails directly to your doorstep, although Fred McConnell, Director of Fuels Marketing & Motorsports at Sunoco, reminds us that the freight bill must be considered. If your local outlet doesn’t stock your preferred blend, he offers a less expensive alternative: Contact your regional distributor. With enough of a heads-up, they can likely add your fuel to one of their regular stocking orders. 

Storing Fuel: Properly storing that fuel, assuming that it’s not used right away, can lengthen its shelf life. The Sunoco Race Fuels website offers some handy storage tips: Keep the containers full, tightly sealed, and away from daylight and major temperature swings. “Perfectly stored, most race fuels will last more than a year,” their website says. “If you are not sure you can use the fuel up within two years, add a quality fuel stabilizer to the fuel as soon as you purchase it.”