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American Flat Track

American Flat Track is America’s original extreme sport. At its core, it’s a highly competitive, adrenaline-fueled American motorcycle sport featuring customized motorcycles reaching top speeds of up to 140mph, piloted by young, athletic and marketable world-class athletes.

With roots dating back to the first two-wheel speed demons in the 1920s, American Flat Track is widely regarded as the most prestigious and competitive form of dirt track motorcycle racing in the world. A lot has changed over the last 90 years, but the spirit of the sport remains as perhaps the truest, purest test of man and machine. Today, the series is comprised of two classes: AFT Twins and AFT Singles.

On a typical race day, both American Flat Track classes begin the day with practice and qualifying sessions prior to opening ceremonies. From there, it’s nothing but exhilarating, full-throttle racing action as the field in each class qualifies for the night’s main event through a series of heat and semi races.

In addition to watching the thrilling on-track action, events also feature fan walks where fans are invited into the paddock to meet the stars of the sport and watch the crew chiefs and mechanics at work.

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