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Evo 10

Sunoco Evo 10 is a high octane, highly oxygenated, unleaded race fuel. This fuel pushes the unleaded octane limit to new heights using highly refined ingredients. Evo 10 produced a 17% HP gain against 93 octane pump gas when tested at our local performance tuning shop. Their race tune took full advantage of Evo 10's high octane and extra oxygen on a boosted V8 engine. This fuel will offer added performance to naturally aspirated engines as well. Evo 10 is designed for full race applications and applications that can run street/race tune. In proper storage Evo 10 is stable for 2 years and is safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.

Sunoco Evo 10 contains additives to enhance shelf life and promote engine cleanliness. As with any gasoline, it should be stored in opaque, tightly sealed containers and kept where temperatures are stable.
Note:  sun light (ultraviolet light) can degrade the octane of this fuel and must be avoided. Contains octane boosting additive, MMT.


Legal in California only for racing vehicles in sanctioned racing events. Contains Ethanol and Methanol


For off-road and racing applications only.

Technical Details

Color Plasma Green
Octane (R+M)/2 105
Research Octane 110
Motor Octane 100
Specific Gravity 0.765
Weight (lbs/gallon) 6.4
Reid Vapor Pressure 7.1
10% Evaporation 139
50% Evaporation 164
90% Evaporation 222
Stoichiometric Air/Fuel Ratio 13.0
Oxygen (Weight%) 10.0
Ethanol (Volume%) 11
Methanol 11
HC Ratio 1.96
OC Ratio 0.10
Lower Heating Value (Btu/Pound) 16400
Lower Heating Value (Btu/Gallon) 104600
Leaded No


  • Dirt Bike and ATV
  • Drag Racing
  • Modern Engines with Oxygen Sensors
  • Rally
  • Road Course

Sanctioning Bodies

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