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Sunoco E30-R will be available online and at local dealers in the near future. Research and Development is in its final steps


Evolution Performance uses Sunoco E30-R to enhance the horsepower of the 2024 Dark Horse Mustang

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Sunoco E30-R is an advanced unleaded racing fuel containing 30% ethanol by volume. In cars that can take advantage of the higher oxygen and octane levels, Sunoco E30-R can be an effective tool for generating more power. This highly oxygenated fuel requires increased fuel flow compared to conventional fuels like pump gas. Check with your performance tuning shop to verify that your car’s fuel system can meet the increased fuel flow requirements to fully utilize the potential of Sunoco E30-R.

The recipe of Sunoco E30-R is held constant which provides a strong foundation for other performance modifications. Each batch is rigorously tested and certified to contain 30% ethanol by volume. The non-ethanol portion consists of highly refined race fuel hydrocarbons, ensuring superior stability and consistency. 

Sunoco E30-R is free of metallic additives and is safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. For optimal shelf life, it should be stored in dark, tightly sealed containers where the temperature is stable. Under these conditions, its shelf life exceeds one year.


Technical Details

Color Green
Octane (R+M)/2 99
Research Octane 105
Motor Octane 93
Specific Gravity .757
Weight (lbs/gallon) 6.3
Ethanol (Volume%) 30
Leaded No


  • Drag
  • Drag Racing
  • Highly Boosted Engines
  • Modern Engines with Oxygen Sensors
  • Rally
  • Road Course

Sanctioning Bodies

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